Self-Described “Prophet” (Two Weeks Ago): The “Tide is Turning” on Coronavirus March 14, 2020

Self-Described “Prophet” (Two Weeks Ago): The “Tide is Turning” on Coronavirus

Two weeks ago, Los Angeles-based Pastor Shawn Bolz wrote on Facebook that God had showed him the “end of the Coronavirus” and that “the tide is turning now.”

That’s a lie. We haven’t seen the end of the virus. We’ve barely seen the beginning. Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency, schools and sporting events and concerts and large gatherings have shut down across the country, and getting tested is still up in the air in many places.

Yet none of that stopped the Christian Broadcasting Network from promoting Bolz’s latest ebook about how to stop the virus through prayer:

Bolz hopes this new ebook will equip Christians with the tools they need combat fear and sickness.

“We wanted to release a tool to help people know how to pray, have a Biblical guide of declaration against the coronavirus, against fear, and for healing if they have contracted the sickness. We need to make powerful declarations over ourselves, our households, our workplace, church, country and this world,” he told CBN. “God is on our side, and He has never lost a battle. It’s time to declare, pray and fight.”

The actual book is no better, saying “Within a short amount of time, the extreme threat will feel like it is in the past” — not true — and that “even now, several vaccines are coming out as well as a natural dissipation of the virus itself.” (In fact, vaccines are more than a year away. And the virus remains strong.)

So he’s lying. He’s just lying. He’s citing God and he’s lying.

He’s capitalizing on everyone’s fear in order to boost his own brand and worldview. Conveniently for him, people are more inclined to listen when they’re afraid.

If only they’d trust medical experts instead of self-described prophets.

Don’t expect Bolz to write a sequel that includes an apology. Being a “prophet” means never admitting your predictions are wrong.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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