Creationist: Churches Should Hoard Toilet Paper and Preach to Those Who Want It March 12, 2020

Creationist: Churches Should Hoard Toilet Paper and Preach to Those Who Want It

In a post made to the Answers in Genesis website yesterday, Creationist Ken Ham propagated a list of ways churches could response to the coronavirus pandemic. He didn’t write it, but the endorsement is loud and clear.

And what’s on that list? A sensible recommendation to purchase high-demand personal hygiene products that people may need… followed by an utterly selfish way to proselytize:

Have someone creative and biblical write a tract for distribution to each person receiving the personal hygiene products. What a travesty to meet people’s physical needs and neglect to tell them about their most important spiritual need: a relationship with the Creator Redeemer Jesus Christ.

These people create targets in every situation. It’s disgusting. It’s never enough to just help people in need. Every interaction is a marketing opportunity or it’s pointless.

Meanwhile, as reader Kerri points out, AiG has two major conferences coming up. One, that takes place at the end of the month, is aimed at women. The other, in early April, offers a Creationist take on “radical climate change.”

Neither conference has been canceled yet. But both events will likely draw in hundreds upon hundreds of participants from all over the country — many of them presumably elderly — all coming near Cincinnati, a city that has plenty to fear right now.

Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum continue to remain open.

How long will it take before Ken Ham accepts the advice of actual scientists and admits bringing together a whole bunch of old Creationists might not be a good idea even if it’s a hit to his ministry?

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