Preacher: If Non-Christians Spread Coronavirus at My Events, I’ll Get Blamed March 11, 2020

Preacher: If Non-Christians Spread Coronavirus at My Events, I’ll Get Blamed

Christian preacher Andrew Wommack, last seen on this site claiming he raised two babies from the dead, is very concerned about coronavirus affecting his upcoming events.

It’s not that he thinks he’ll catch it. It’s that some audience members probably don’t love Jesus enough, so God punished them with COVID-19, and they might infect everyone else, and Wommack will ultimately be blamed for it. So there you go.

… We had five government agencies contact us and strongly suggest, or request, we cancel because of the coronavirus. Personally, I’m not afraid of that. And it’s not gonna bother me. I actually heard that there’s more people that die from just the normal flu… but, you know, we have to observe this.

And even though I’m operating in faith, and many of the people are, we’re gonna have some people come that I can’t say what their faith level is, and if they bring this virus here and people get infected and start an epidemic… and God forbid somebody died… they would blame me.

Even in a possible pandemic, nothing will stop Christian conspiracy theorists from blaming people who don’t have the proper amount of faith. As if viruses are allergic to Jesus.

By his logic, you would think no True Christians™ could possibly exist in a hospital… and yet they do. Somehow the memo about faith never got to the diseases.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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