Kentucky Christians Wrongly Think They Outsmarted Atheists with Bible Shirts March 11, 2020

Kentucky Christians Wrongly Think They Outsmarted Atheists with Bible Shirts

Earlier this month, a Bible verse was removed from a locker room at Letcher County Central High School in Whitesburg, Kentucky.

It happened after a warning letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which said (correctly) that the sign was illegal because it was obviously a promotion of Christianity.

School officials did the right thing by taking it down. But, as you might guess, a bunch of Christians are furious that they can’t force their religion down everyone’s throat.

So a local business owner decided to “fight back” by creating shirts with that Bible verse: “But the Lord is with me like a Mighty Warrior. Jeremiah 20:11.”

Hundreds of them were handed out during a recent basketball tournament with donations supporting Christian clubs.

This is discrimination. They should not stop us from wanting to have our opinions too. Are we supposed to be to the backside of everything? I don’t think so,” said Debbie Osborne, the owner of Deb’s Place in Whitesburg.

Debbie Osborne is not a smart person.

Taking down the verse wasn’t discrimination. No one’s stopping anyone from having their opinions. If she thinks she’s such a victim, I’d love to know which religious group she’d like to trade places with. Muslims? Atheists? (I’m happy to swap the number of atheist Congress members with any Christian group.)

The conservative website The Blaze is no different, treating the shirts as if FFRF’s gambit backfired because the Bible verse’s “appearance on hundreds of T-shirts broadened its message considerably.”

Since none of them seem to get it, let’s be clear about this:

No one cares.

No one gives a damn if students wear these shirts.

No one would have given a damn if this is what they did to begin with.

The students are finally doing something constitutional, which is precisely what FFRF wanted. It’s a victory for the atheists.

The only way you come away from this story thinking “Ha! Suck it, atheists” is if you wrongly believe that church/state separation groups like FFRF are trying to suppress expressions of Christianity. They’re not. They never have. The people who think this must be stuck in the FOX News ecosystem where they’re purposely being lied to.

The conservatives here might enjoy playing victims, but no one’s coming after their individual expressions of faith.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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