Filipino Catholics Won’t Conduct Ritual Crucifixions Due to Coronavirus March 11, 2020

Filipino Catholics Won’t Conduct Ritual Crucifixions Due to Coronavirus

For decades now, Catholics in the Philippines have literally been nailed to wooden crosses as part of a Good Friday ritual. If that’s the sort of thing that brings people closer to Jesus, well, it’s a good time to be an atheist.

It won’t be happening this year, though.

Because the event typically attracts thousands of tourists, there’s fear that the gathering could hasten the spread of coronavirus, therefore next month’s event has been called off. (Jesus lives!)

“We are not disrespecting religious beliefs and practices, but we actually are protecting them from the disease that may put them and their family at risk,” San Fernando Mayor Edwin Santiago said in a statement.

And that disease is Catholicism. (I’ll be here all night, folks.)

“I’m disappointed,” said resident Ruben Enaje, who was aiming to be crucified for the 34th straight year as part of a religious vow to atone for his sins, told AFP.

It’s one thing to cancel a concert or sporting event. I understand the frustration and the precaution. But canceling a ritualistic act of torture should be celebrated. It shouldn’t have taken a virus for these people to do the right thing.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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