Christian Activist: “Testifying Against Hillary” is Deadlier Than Coronavirus March 11, 2020

Christian Activist: “Testifying Against Hillary” is Deadlier Than Coronavirus

Right-wing pundit Chris McDonald, last seen saying he would vote for Donald Trump over Jesus, has some advice for anyone concerned about the coronavirus outbreak:

Be grateful. Because far more people would die if they testified against Hillary Clinton.

testifying against Hillary Clinton has got a better chance of killing you than corona. Goodness.

I might as well say it. Might as well say it… That’ll get me on Right Wing Watch tomorrow.

Um, congratulations?

McDonald’s Death-by-Hillary theory has no basis in reality… but somehow makes sense if you live in a conservative echo chamber.

Credit where it’s due, though: McDonald is right that more people will be killed by the flu than the coronavirus. But, unlike the flu, there is no vaccine available (yet) for COVID-19. Even if there were, chances are that many Americans couldn’t afford it.

All the more reason to support politicians calling for universal healthcare.

(via Right Wing Watch, naturally)

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