Christian Minister Accused of Raping Child “Hid Behind the Lord,” Says Wife March 7, 2020

Christian Minister Accused of Raping Child “Hid Behind the Lord,” Says Wife

Last week, Michael Linkenauger of Jacksonville, Florida was arrested on three charges of felony sex crimes, including raping a child. He apparently confessed all this to the boy’s mother, whom he knew.

You know where this is going…

It turns out Linkenauger had access to kids because he was a Christian minister.

As the freezing temperatures approach, Hotdogs for Hope Ministry volunteers have prepared warm meals, blankets and Bibles to pass out to those in Jacksonville.

“At times like this, people are most receptive to doing something different with their lives and receiving hope,” Mike Linkenauger said. “That’s really what we want to bring people is some hope.”

And here’s what he’s accused of doing:

According to his arrest report, church members told police he had allegedly forced sex on a boy several times between August 2017 and June 2019.

Officers said Linkenauger became friends with the boy and his mother at the church.

According to the report, he had taken the boy out of town and invited the boy to spend nights at his home.

When confronted by the boy’s mother, Linkenauger apologized and said he had fantasies about being with boys, the report alleges

It’s despicable behavior that occurred due to unearned trust he received as a result of his religious position. It’s a story we’ve heard far too many times.

Even his wife is now telling the media she’s shocked to learn about his alleged crimes because “He hid behind the Lord… so everyone would think he’s an amazing guy.”

She gets it. It’s time other people did, too.

(Thanks to Kealoha for the link)

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