Samantha Bee: Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries Are Screwing People Over March 5, 2020

Samantha Bee: Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries Are Screwing People Over

We’ve posted several times about the problems with Christian substitutes for secular health insurance.

It’s not actual insurance. It’s just what conservative Christians want people to use instead of insurance.

The way groups like Samaritan Ministries and Liberty HealthShare work is that everyone in the system pays a specific amount into the insurance pool every month… but they don’t send it to the providers. The company tells them where to send their money (e.g. Bob from Nebraska) and how much to send. If you need something covered yourself, you ask the provider to send your name to others in the pool.

That’s not really different from regular insurance. Except it’s not regulated. And the providers can cut you off at anytime if you’re too expensive to cover. And if you did something they deem “immoral,” you won’t get any money at all. (Good luck getting that contraception. And you sure as hell can’t cover your same-sex partner.)

So everything is great… until the moment you need them the most.

Last night, Samantha Bee explored some of the problems with these groups in a segment on Full Frontal:

It’s one thing to manipulate the masses with lies about the afterlife. The Christians who run these groups, though, are just flat-out lying about helping families in need. It’s tempting to say the families deserve it, but they’re often victims themselves. Blame the people who know what they’re doing and continue peddling this fictional “care.”

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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