Self-Described “Humanist” Wins Democratic Primary for U.S. House Seat in Texas March 4, 2020

Self-Described “Humanist” Wins Democratic Primary for U.S. House Seat in Texas

Carol Iannuzzi, a self-described “humanist,” won her Democratic primary last night in a race for the U.S. House from District 26 in Texas. She will face incumbent Rep. Michael C. Burgess this November.

Iannuzzi comes from a family of activists, saying on her campaign website, “When my dad passed away in 2017, I felt the activist baton had indeed been passed to me.”

She had endorsements from both the Freethought Equality Fund PAC and the Texas Democratic Secular Caucus.

Her policy priorities include: strengthening the Affordable Care Act and Medicare, protecting Social Security, ensuring access to affordable reproductive health services including a woman’s right to choose, reducing student loan debt, addressing climate change, and ending the stigma on mental healthcare. She is a strong supporter of the separation of church and state and is also a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Iannuzzi is a humanist.

She also says on her website:

I believe in the separation of church and state and that government must maintain an attitude of neutrality toward religion.

The First Amendment not only allows citizens the freedom to practice any religion of their choice, but also prevents the government from officially recognizing or favoring any religion.

I’m betting we’ll have a record number of openly non-theistic candidates up for seats come November. This would be a welcome addition in a traditionally red district but it certainly won’t be easy. The Cook Political Report doesn’t even list it among its “competitive races” yet. Still, you can help by chipping in to Iannuzzi’s campaign here.

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