Brazilian Church Investigated for Offering “Consecrated Oil” to Stop Coronavirus March 4, 2020

Brazilian Church Investigated for Offering “Consecrated Oil” to Stop Coronavirus

An evangelical church in Brazil is being investigated by police after sending out a flyer saying they would offer “consecrated oil” to immunize people against coronavirus.

Catedral Global Do Espírito Santo could be punished for lying to people. (Well, for lying to them with a tangible product, anyway…)

According to a translated article:

According to delegate Laura Lopes, the investigation was initiated to investigate the possibility of a crime of charlatanism, which, according to the Penal Code, would be “inculcating or announcing a cure through secret or infallible means”.

One law enforcement official said that if there’s any evidence of the church charging for the holy oil, the church leaders could also be prosecuted for fraud. Should that happen, it would be a welcome development. It’s all too common for preachers to make promises they can’t possibly deliver on. It’s so much worse when those preachers are doing so by risking the health of the very people in their congregations.

(Thanks to Constance for the link)

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