Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore Loses Alabama GOP Senate Primary March 3, 2020

Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore Loses Alabama GOP Senate Primary

Alleged child molester and Christian supremacist Roy Moore will not be in the running for U.S. Senate later this year. Tonight, he lost the primary to disgraced attorney general Jeff Sessions and former football coach Tommy Tuberville, who will now compete in a runoff.

To be fair, Republicans didn’t really want him in this race. He lost as easily winnable seat to Democrat Doug Jones in 2017 after stories of his alleged molestation came to light.

Democrats didn’t want him running for other reasons; he has no business in public office.

Moore wants to make it illegal for gay men to sleep together. He suggested that 9/11 was the result of godlessness is our society. He installed a Ten Commandments monument in the state Supreme Court in the middle of the night, then refused to remove it. He told probate judges they didn’t have to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples even when it was legal. He said evolution was incompatible with our Constitution. He said then-Rep. Keith Ellison shouldn’t be allowed in Congress because he’s a practicing Muslim.

He doesn’t give a damn about the law he’s supposed to uphold. He never has. If the Bible conflicts with the Constitution, Moore would find it heretical to side with the Constitution — even as a member of Congress.

And all of that was before we found out he guided a 14-year-old to touch his genitals.

His campaign this time around never really gained any traction. As of a couple of weeks ago, even he seemed ready to move on.

Thankfully, tonight, we learned that Republicans want him to move on, too. The down side is that whichever Republican wins the runoff will very likely become a senator. Neither Tuberville nor Sessions care about church/state separation or upholding our democracy. They are right-wing zealots who are fighting to help Trump cover up his corruption.

It’s bad for the country no matter how you slice it.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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