Convicted Felon Roger Stone: “I’ve Taken Jesus Christ As My Personal Savior” March 2, 2020

Convicted Felon Roger Stone: “I’ve Taken Jesus Christ As My Personal Savior”

Roger Stone is the political consultant and adviser to Donald Trump who was recently convicted of obstruction, witness tampering, and lying to Congress. He’ll spend the next 40 months in prison. But it could be less, since it’s possible that Trump, who has a habit of rewarding criminals who voice support for him, will issue a pardon. That hasn’t happened yet.

Last night, in his first interview since the sentencing, Stone told Axios’ Mike Allen that he isn’t afraid of what lies ahead because he has Jesus in his life.

The only fear I have is not being right with God… I feel pretty good because I’ve taken Jesus Christ as my personal savior. And it’s given me enormous strength and solace, because He knows what’s in my heart.

Nothing screams “I’m guilty of everything” more than a newly convicted felon telling the world how much he loves Jesus.

The irony is that the only person who can save him, Trump, is the one guy who doesn’t give a damn about Stone’s relationship with Jesus.

Given how much Stone has lied in just the past few years, no one should take him seriously about religion either. The only people who might believe him now are presumably the MAGA cultists who continue to tell themselves Trump and his associates did nothing wrong and this is all just one giant conspiracy.

Still, Stone’s comments are an indication that you don’t need time for reflection, much less any shred of decency, in order to pretend to be a Christian to win over your skeptics. But just in case there are doubters, Stone also claimed Trump was as pious as anyone.

Stone also bolstered Trump’s wide support from evangelical Christians, saying he believed Trump was “steadfast in his faith.”

“Christians believe deeply in redemption and they believe in evolution,” Stone said. “It’s not whether you’ve sinned– we’ve all sinned. It’s not mistakes you made 15 years ago or 20 years ago or last year. It’s what’s in your heart today. I think Trump has been forgiven anything he did wrong. I think we all have and I think he’s a different person.”

I’ll take a moral atheist over disingenuous Christians like this guy any day. It’s incredible that anybody would think otherwise.

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