Christian Minister: God Showed Me “the End of the Coronavirus” March 1, 2020

Christian Minister: God Showed Me “the End of the Coronavirus”

Washington has declared a “state of emergency” regarding the coronavirus strain that has now entered the U.S. One patient has already died in that state.

There have already been 2,978 deaths and 86,991 cases worldwide — and counting.

And yet Christian minister Shawn Bolz wants you to know that God has shown him — and only him, apparently — the “end of the coronavirus.” He said all of this while taking a page from his real savior Donald Trump and decrying the “exaggerated fear-based tactics of the enemy and several media outlets for political reasons,” a statement that isn’t based in reality and shows a complete lack of understanding of how serious this epidemic really is.

The Lord showed me the end of the coronavirus. The tide is turning now!

Even now, several vaccines are coming out, as well as a natural dying out of the virus itself. The Lord is saying, “I am removing the threat of this.”

Within a short amount of time, the extreme threat will feel as though it is in the distant past.

The virus isn’t dying. The vaccines are months away and potentially cost-prohibitive, at least in the U.S. And we have no indication we’re at the tail end of the threat. For all we know it’s just the beginning.

So either God is lying to Bolz, Bolz is lying to everyone, or Bolz just doesn’t give a damn about everyone who’s been infected. I guess it’s hard to see all the suffering when your head is buried that far up your own ass.

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