Mike Pence is Handling the Spread of Coronavirus and That’s Terrifying February 27, 2020

Mike Pence is Handling the Spread of Coronavirus and That’s Terrifying

As the deadly strain of coronavirus continues to make appearances around the world, the United States is (supposedly) taking precautions to keep people safe. But Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is unimpressed with Vice President Mike Pence‘s handling of the situation (and he’s not wrong).

Sanders aired his grievances on Twitter yesterday:

As governor of Indiana, Pence was well-known for not responding seriously enough to health problems. When an outbreak of HIV occurred in 2015, his response was to “go home and pray on it,” which is, needless to say, not helpful. When he was running for Congress in 2001, Pence also wrote that “smoking doesn’t kill.” Science is not his strong suit. Neither are facts in general.

Even from a religious perspective, you could argue that faith without action is useless. And by “action,” that means consulting the scientists who know far more about diseases and how to keep them from spreading than he does.

Sanders wasn’t the only one with harsh words for Pence:

It’s not that Pence himself needs to be an expert. It’s that he needs to put people who are in charge of the government response, without hampering their ability to speak freely, while also putting significant government investment into the problem so that a potential vaccine wouldn’t be cost prohibitive.

Based on this administration’s history, there’s little reason to think they’re looking out for the nation’s best interests. Their priority appears to be that the spread of the virus could do something much worse than hurt Americans; it could put Trump’s re-election in jeopardy.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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