Christian Preacher: Trump Impeachment Will Be “Removed and Erased” from History February 27, 2020

Christian Preacher: Trump Impeachment Will Be “Removed and Erased” from History

Nebraska preacher Hank Kunneman is at it again — does he ever quit? — with an oddly specific prophecy about what it really meant when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tore up a copy of Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

Kunneman has publicly sided with Trump for a while now, despite the rules prohibiting religious non-profits from endorsing political candidates. He has called on God to ensure Trump’s 2020 win with “angelic reinforcements” and blamed demons for whatever bumps in the road he might face along the way. Most recently, he argued that God would protect Americans from coronavirus because Trump opposes abortion rights.

Now he prophesies not only the success of Trump in 2020 but the erasure of his impeachment from history and the end of the Democratic Party as we know it.

On a recent episode of his “Prophetic Pulse” conference call, Kunneman recounted how the image of Pelosi tearing up the document set his prophetic Spidey sense tingling:

When I saw that, something in my heart didn’t settle right. I’ve never seen that done before. It was disgraceful… I felt like God had something to say about that. So I began to pray and I said, “Lord, you need to speak to me, if you don’t mind. I really want to know why this has bothered me.” And I said, “Lord, it’s not just my own heart. I sensed there is something in your heart that you didn’t like about this.”

How convenient that God’s feelings on the subject are such a perfect match to Kunneman’s… And how amazing that Pelosi’s act of defiance was more “disgraceful” than Trump awarding Rush Limbaugh a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Naturally, God provided Kunneman with an answer, which he transcribed onto his phone. The prophesy focused heavily on the theme of division — get it, like Pelosi divided the paper in two?

God says, “I have divided light from darkness so that you would know the difference. Remember, light always overcomes darkness. And I have divided so you would clearly see who and what is of me, and to give you a choice to side with me, my side.

When the documents of the speech were divided, their party house shall be, going forward, more divided, with a new form of Democratic Party that will arise. And they will say Reformed Progressive Socialist Party.”

Gosh, Mr. Kunneman, that is an extremely specific prophecy. You gave that new party a name and everything. It should be relatively easy to look back in a year or so and assess whether that actually happened. Nicely done!

Kunneman said God continued to assure him that Trump’s impeachment would not form part of the historical record:

God says, “I honor the honorable and those who side with it. Therefore the attempt to tarnish this president’s name and time in office by impeachment voting trial, the record of it will be torn in two, removed and erased.”

Setting aside the obvious question of how God is defining “honor” in this particular instance, the idea that true historical events would be erased — not proven to be erroneous, not reconsidered and vindicated based on new information in the future, but removed from the record altogether — is downright sinister. That would be the work of a deity that sides with Trump over truth, a frightening thought indeed.

We at the Reformed Progressive Socialist Party will just have to wait and see how much of this prophecy comes to pass.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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