Christian Running for WV House Is Appalled By Sex Ed Book Written for Pre-Teens February 24, 2020

Christian Running for WV House Is Appalled By Sex Ed Book Written for Pre-Teens

Derrick Evans is a conservative activist who’s running to represent District 19 in West Virginia’s House of Delegates. The GOP primary is on May 12.

And he’s already showing us what kind of lawmaker he’d be on Facebook, where he recently ranted about the book It’s Perfectly Normal, designed to introduce children to topics involving sex. Specifically, he whines about how the book features illustrations of sex, masturbation, and a man putting on a condom.

Also, it’s not anti-gay enough.

***Update***: Evans has deleted his post. I take screenshots.

The book tells your children to ignore religious convictions about sin. It goes into great detail about homosexuality, and goes as far to say that gay men are considered to have the highest form of love. It normalizes boy on boy and girl on girl exploring and touching each other’s bodies. The book says people who disapprove of LGBTQ lifestyles, base their opinions on fears and misinformation.

Those showing this to our children should be locked up. Once elected I will work to pass legislation that stops this from happening anywhere in West Virginia. I will always stand and Fight For Christian Values.

He’s mad that the book says anti-LGBTQ bigotry is based on fears and misinformation, but that’s accurate. (What is religion if not both of those things?)

But even beyond his opposition to age-appropriate sex education, it’s telling that his response to kids being taught any of this is to imprison the adults. Teaching children accurate information about their bodies isn’t a crime. Evans, a Christian, is just ashamed that anyone might love their bodies instead of feeling constant shame about them.

By the way, the book even says its target audience is kids older than 10. If you’re 10 and you still don’t know these things, then you need to learn them. It’s not like your church will do it. And if Evans is elected, he plans to spend a lot of wasted time — on the taxpayers’ dime — in his futile effort to block students from learning. Education is his enemy.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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