Paula White: I “Literally” Visited God’s Throne Room and Saw His Blurry Face February 22, 2020

Paula White: I “Literally” Visited God’s Throne Room and Saw His Blurry Face

White House spiritual adviser Paula White, fresh off of calling for “Satanic pregnancies” to end in miscarriage, is claiming that she was “transported” to a throne room in heaven where she came face to face with God.

It appears to be from a sermon she preached earlier this month.

“I literally went to the Throne Room of God,” she said. “There was a mist that was coming off the water, and I went to the throne of God, and I didn’t see God’s face clearly, but I saw the face of God … I knew it was the face of God.”

“He put a mantle [on me] and it was a very distinct mantle,” White continued. “There was a mantle, and I saw it very distinctly, the color was like a goldish, a yellowish goldish … and then I saw the Earth for a moment, and [God] brought me back, and he put me in certain places, one being the White House, one being certain continents.”

“I didn’t come out of that really until the next morning,” White reported.

She saw God. But God was blurry. But it was “literally” in God’s House, so it had to be God. Got it. Rock solid evidence right there.

Usually, when we hear stories of people visiting Heaven, the speaker was in a coma or some sort of unconscious state (allowing for the likely possibility that “visiting heaven” was really just a dream, perhaps induced by pain drugs). But White did it apropos of nothing. By her own description, her meeting with God was mostly useless, too: What good does it do anyone, even a believer, to see God’s face and go on a weird nebulous adventure?

For what it’s worth, there’s nothing in the Bible that indicates that it’s possible to visit Heaven before you die, much less see God’s face or stand on a holy mantle. The word “literally” means nothing when it comes from someone who promotes lies for a living.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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