Mommy-Shaming Christian Blogger: Feminism Hasn’t “Done Any Good, Only Harm” February 19, 2020

Mommy-Shaming Christian Blogger: Feminism Hasn’t “Done Any Good, Only Harm”

Christian blogger and professional mommy-shamer Lori Alexander is no fan of feminism.

In fact, she believes it’s responsible for the ultimate downfall of society. But someone must have challenged her to reconsider, since the title of a recent blog post is “The Good That Feminism Has Done?” (although the question mark is not too promising):

As you might guess, she doesn’t have much to praise about feminism. And that’s in part because early feminists weren’t Christian enough.

Many women through the years have tried to convince me that feminism has done a lot of good so why can’t I write about that. I don’t believe it has done any good, only harm. Did you know that the founding feminists were agnostics or atheists?… The bottom line is that they hated God and His ways.

And you thought the myth that the Founding Fathers were all Christian was the only way that trope ever sprang up…

You would think someone like Alexander — who presumably has no problem voting for Republicans — would offer some gratitude to all those feminists, who were more than just atheists and agnostics, who made that right possible.

The rest of the post is from a comment that one of her readers left on a separate post, which she agrees with completely:

I firmly believe that nothing good has come from feminism which couldn’t have come about by godly means and moreover without the attendant destruction of individuals, families, and nations. Feminists claim that they eradicated the abuse of women, their failure to own land, their lack of a voice in the political process, etc. However, wherever the Gospel is preached and obeyed, women are treated as image bearers of the living God. They are honored and crimes against them are dealt with swiftly and justly. Women owned property even in the Old Testament (Zelophehad’s daughters).

Who are these feminists who claim they ended abuse? I’ve never met one… because they don’t exist. Nor has Lori been paying much attention to the abuse scandals uncovered in Southern Baptist churches, though they’re probably not Real Christians™ in her eyes.

The post goes on to decry the fact that women can now have abortions thanks to feminism (which women have been doing anyway, for all of human history), have “consequence free” sex (which, again, isn’t new), and even join the army. Feminists are also terrible for accepting Caitlyn Jenner as a woman.

In short, this post is basically recycled content. It’s a summary of Alexander’s faith-based hate. She can’t handle how women have choices beyond, or in addition to, marriage and motherhood. Only in her restrictive version of Christianity can women find “freedom,” even though in practice it’s much more of a cage.

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