YouTube Atheist Organizes Alternative to Flawed “Anti-Theism” Conference February 18, 2020

YouTube Atheist Organizes Alternative to Flawed “Anti-Theism” Conference

A couple of months ago, I posted about a conference that was taking place in Brighton, England this April called the “Anti-Theism International Convention 2020.”

There were a lot of glaring problems with the event when it was first announced.

They invited Lawrence Krauss, who’s been accused many times over of sexual misconduct. (He’s still speaking.)

One of the co-organizers, Lance Gregorchuk, defended Krauss’ invitation by dismissing the allegations entirely with the unbelievable excuse, “You never got wrong signals from a girl that you thought, she likes me [but] she doesn’t like you, and you touched her?” He is no longer listed as an organizer, but he will still be allowed to attend and fund the event.

The entire event also suffered from a remarkable sense of unearned smugness, even offering awards to people that would “not only get you recognition within the Atheist Community, it will give you a chance to enjoy giving worldwide speaking engagements.” (That’s not how anything works.)

Anyway. That event is still going on. While some of the concerns have been addressed, some remain unresolved — and proudly so.

However, there’s an interesting development. Since that event is taking place in England, a counter-conference has now been scheduled for the same Saturday night — and within driving distance. The organizer is David Worley, the YouTuber whose interview with Gregorchuk led to this whole controversy.

We couldn’t let the [Anti-Theism International] organisers be the face of Atheist Conferences. [This event] is the event that aims to restore the reputation of what you expect an Atheist Conference to be.

You can check out all the details right here. Tickets are only £20.00. It’s one night, Saturday, April 4. It’s in London. The speakers are diverse in more ways than one. And it has none of the self-righteousness of the other event.

If it’s up your alley, consider attending. Should be a good time.

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