This “God Bows Down to President Donald Trump” Sign Is Meant to Be a Joke February 17, 2020

This “God Bows Down to President Donald Trump” Sign Is Meant to Be a Joke

For a day or so now, this picture has been all over social media. It shows a yard sign reading “God bows down to President Donald Trump.”

It’s a clear indication that some Christians have been completely brainwashed under this administration… or is it?

It turns out that’s not a sign posted by a delusional Trump cultist. Rather, it was posted by a Trump critic to highlight the very brainwashing we’re all mocking.

According to an October article from the local Patch, 66-year-old David Sander has been putting up these signs for months as a display of “political humor.”

Snopes summarized everything this way:

In this particular case, Sander’s “God Bows Down to Trump” campaign sign display was meant to be taken ironically (or “satirically”) rather than literally — it was mocking Trump and the sentiment expressed in the text rather than promoting them.

Just because it’s a real picture doesn’t mean the sign is meant to be taken seriously. But the fact that the joke wasn’t obvious tells you that MAGA cultism among conservative Christians is hardly a myth.

This sign may be satirical, but their devotion to Trump even at the expense of their stated Christian values is all too real.

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