Christian Pundit: Donald Trump Received Prayer “Stronger Than Anybody” February 15, 2020

Christian Pundit: Donald Trump Received Prayer “Stronger Than Anybody”

During a discussion of the New Hampshire primary last week, The Victory Channel (part of a Christian ministry) aired a panel discussion in which one member, Jim Talbot, explained that he finally came around to supporting Donald Trump after Trump received a prayer from televangelist Kenneth Copeland more “strongly” than anyone else.

“I was at a meeting with John [Copeland],” Talbot said. “I was a [Ted] Cruz guy, and I was saying, ‘I don’t know about this Trump guy.’ John Copeland said to me, ‘Jim, I’m going to tell you something.’ He said, ‘When we went to New York and prayed for Trump; dad, when he lays hands on somebody, he can always tell if they receive it or they reject it.’ He told me — this is John Copeland — he said, ‘Dad told me when [he] laid hands on Trump, he received it stronger than anybody he had ever prayed for.’

“That changed my whole attitude about him,” Talbot added. “The man is real.”

How does anyone receive a prayer “stronger” than someone else? That suggests the prayer itself isn’t good enough. It suggests God didn’t work. Was there some kind of tingling going on?

And why the hell would Trump, of all people, receive it more strongly? Why would the guy who knows the least about the Bible — and has never lived according to the standards conservative Christians love to pretend they have — be the one most receptive to a prayer he would never say himself?

Unless the prayer came with money attached, Trump didn’t receive it. He just acknowledged it and Kenneth Copeland ran with his delusion. And now so are the other people affiliated with his ministry.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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