Southern Baptists Are Flipping Out Over a Female Speaker at a Conference February 14, 2020

Southern Baptists Are Flipping Out Over a Female Speaker at a Conference

Southern Baptist leaders are losing their minds over the inclusion of Hosanna Wong, a female pastor, as a guest at an upcoming conference.

She’s not even listed as a “speaker” on the conference’s website, just a “special guest,” but the presence of that much estrogen is apparently a bridge too far for these Christians who can’t handle the idea of learning anything from a woman.

Like Sam Bunnell, a worship pastor from Nevada:

And theologian Michael Frost, who urged people to pray for Wong.

Wong won’t be preaching at the event (heaven forbid) but the very fact that she is ordained is enough to ruffle the delicate feathers of the men folk. These are the same people who defended Paige Patterson and other Southern Baptist leaders whose actions have been disgraceful, but a female preacher? Outrageous.

These male attendees are also treating Wong’s invitation far more seriously than the rampant sexual abuse within their churches, as pointed out on Twitter by abuse survivor and advocate Rachael Denhollander:

The conference organizers have been monitoring social media to ensure that Wong’s presence will not be a threat to her safety. But the fact that they have to do that at all says a lot about the toxicity of that Southern Baptist culture.

(via The Christian Post)

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