Dave Daubenmire: The Halftime Show Opened a Portal and Infected Me With a Virus February 14, 2020

Dave Daubenmire: The Halftime Show Opened a Portal and Infected Me With a Virus

Last week, radio host Dave Daubenmire made the ludicrous claim that he was going to sue the NFL for putting his soul in mortal danger thanks to the salacious dancing of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

This week, Daubenmire went even further, announcing that some sort of demonic virus must have passed through his TV screen during the halftime show and infected him.

“What if there is a [demonic] spirit that accompanies the visual of the pornography?” Daubenmire asked. “What if that opens up, what do they call it? A portal? A threshold? … What if sitting there, watching that soft pornography dance across our TVs, what if there’s a spiritual component to that? What if there is something that comes out of my screen?”

“What if there’s some waves? What if there is something that comes off of that video?” he continued. “What if there’s something, waves or some force that comes off of that? What do they call that stuff? Dopamine. What if that unleashes something in my brain? What if it’s like really and truly infecting me with a virus? What if it is really like that?”

It’s the halftime show. Not The Ring.

This is the sort of claim you’d expect to see in Charisma magazine (home of the demonic squid), but it’s ridiculous even by Daubenmire’s already low standards.

But he doesn’t have to worry. Viruses don’t transmit through the TV. The only potential virus you can get from viewing pornography is a computer virus.

Now if only he would get this outraged about actual scandals… like refugee kids in cages. Instead, he saves all his rage for the least important issues.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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