E.W. Jackson: Liberals Hate Trump Because He’s “Too Much of a Man for Them” February 12, 2020

E.W. Jackson: Liberals Hate Trump Because He’s “Too Much of a Man for Them”

Why does “The Left” hate Donald Trump so much? Is it because of all the corruption? The lies? The unrepentant history of sexual assault and degradation of women?

Nope. That’s all irrelevant. According to right-wing radio host and former candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia E.W. Jackson, the problem is that liberals just can’t handle how much of a man Trump is.

“I’m convinced that a lot of this criticism of the president also has to do with his masculinity,” Jackson said. “He’s a man, and you know the left doesn’t like manhood.”

“I think the president, frankly, is just too much of a man for them,” he continued. “They just don’t like manhood, and I think that’s part of the problem too — the radical feminists, the homosexuals, the trangsenders, whatever bizarre idea they have of who we’re supposed to be, they’re not putting up with men who stand tall, who stand up straight and say, ‘Look, this is who I am, this is what I believe, you can like it, or you can lump it, but there it is.’”

He added that President Obama was “light in the loafers.” Which I suppose is meant to emasculate him.

Jackson confuses a non-existent liberal “hatred” of men with legitimate criticism of toxic, stereotypical masculinity. As if all men have to fall within some narrow definition of maleness or else it doesn’t count.

Jackson makes Trump sound like that annoying guy at the bar who keeps trying to buy a drink for a woman who clearly isn’t interested. Rather than handle the rejection with maturity, he yells, “FINE, I’m too much of a man for you anyway!”

You would think Jackson’s definition of masculinity would also include devotion and respect for his wife, but again, that’s something Obama exhibited, not the guy who had an affair with a porn star while his third wife was pregnant with his fifth child. Not that he cares.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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