Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore Is Bringing Back His Ten Commandments Monument February 11, 2020

Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore Is Bringing Back His Ten Commandments Monument

Before he became best known for being an alleged Christian molester, alleged Christian molester Roy Moore was the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. One night, in 2001, he installed an enormous Ten Commandments monument into that building. He refused to remove it even after it was ruled illegal, and even after an appeal was denied.

The head judge, in other words, didn’t think the law applied to him.

Moore was booted from the bench in 2003 for that violation of the “Alabama Canons of Judicial Ethics.” But in 2012, he ran to regain his seat… and won. Because Alabama.

All of that occurred before his run for the U.S. Senate and allegations of molestation.

This afternoon, Moore will be installing that infamous Christian monument in the Montgomery headquarters of the Foundation for Moral Law, the non-profit he started and that is now run by his wife.

Our decline as a nation will not be at the hand of a foreign power or external enemy but will occur only when we lose that virtue and morality, under God, upon which we began.”

Judge Moore added, “The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God are not only the source of our morals but also our unalienable rights. We have the right to religious liberty because God said, ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me,’ and we have the right to life because God said, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’

Outside of the utter hypocrisy of a man who allegedly touched little girls droning on about the problem with sin, there’s no issue with the monument going up this time around. It’s a private building, not a government institution. Had he done this from the beginning, there wouldn’t have been any controversy.

But that was never his goal, anyway. He wanted publicity. He wanted to show he was some sort of martyr for Christianity, being punished for his act of defiance. This was never about telling people about the Commandments. It was about establishing his conservative Christian credentials with the sort of Southern voters who support any candidate who says “Jesus” enough times regardless of how many lives he’s ruined.

Keep in mind the publicity stunt is also a way to raise money for his faltering U.S. Senate primary campaign. He’s losing to another immoral Republican sycophant, Jeff Sessions. The longer Moore stays in the race, the longer the entire GOP is tainted by his predatory behavior.

The moral is the story has always been clear: The people who claim the mantle of Christianity tend to be the most despicable candidates in a race. Moore doesn’t care about doing what’s best for citizens because he’s only ever cared about himself. Today’s stunt is no different.

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