Right-Wing Pundit Rick Wiles: Jews Are Behind the Iowa Caucus Debacle February 7, 2020

Right-Wing Pundit Rick Wiles: Jews Are Behind the Iowa Caucus Debacle

In case you’ve forgotten, since it’s been a minute or two, right-wing pundit Rick Wiles hates Jews. A lot. He’s already blamed them for impeaching Donald Trump, and now he says it’s their fault for rigging the app used in reporting the results of the Iowa caucus.

You want proof? Then you’re asking far more questions than Wiles ever has.

“The pro-Israel owner of the Times of Israel newspaper, he’s backing homosexual mayor Pete Buttigieg, and he’s the money man behind this app?” Wiles asked his co-host, Doc Burkhart. “Are you suggesting the Israelis are influencing the election to have the Democrats nominate its first openly homosexual presidential candidate?”

“What happened last night was weird, and we have already pointed out there is an Israeli connection,” Wiles said later in the program. “They might accuse me of being anti-Semitic for saying it, but the truth is there is an Israeli connection to the app that bombed last night in Iowa. But you’re not allowed to say these things. Everybody is being censored now. By who? The same people who are doing this stuff.”

Though Wiles’ anti-Semitism is almost comical in its lack of originality — he just had to throw in a money reference to check off more boxes on his Bingo card — his ability to jump to a conspiracy theory when pure incompetence makes far more sense is all too common.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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