Christian Activist Admits Conservatives Would Vote for Donald Trump Over Jesus February 6, 2020

Christian Activist Admits Conservatives Would Vote for Donald Trump Over Jesus

A lot of liberals talk about Donald Trump as if he’s the leader of a cult, and I think there’s a lot of merit to that. But you would think conservative Christians would at least spin their fawning support of him as a necessary evil to promote whatever they claim Jesus wanted.

Nope. They really don’t care about Jesus either. And now, instead of merely lying about it, they’re just saying it out loud.

This one came from a guest of right-wing host Chris McDonald.

I don’t care who you got. I don’t care who you put up. You could put Jesus Christ up in the Democrat Party, and He’s losing this election. Because that’s how important what Donald Trump has done for us and the economy… has done for America. All of these factors… I don’t want to take a chance on Jesus. Hell no! I’m gonna go over here with Donald Trump because he’s a known factor!

Imagine the ignorance it takes to suggest Trump is a known quantity but Jesus is too tricky to figure out…

At least this guy is honest about the craven nature of white evangelicals. They don’t give a damn about Jesus. They never cared. Jesus was just the cover story they used in order to acquire power and hurt other people. As this guy says, if Jesus were running against Trump, conservatives would vote for Trump.

Trump is the leader of their cult. Jesus is just some dude. He’s expendable.

We finally got them to tell the truth. It’s just not helping their cause.

(via Right Wing Watch. Image via Shutterstock)

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