Christian Minister Launches “F*ggots Are Maggots” Tour in Honor of Donald Trump February 5, 2020

Christian Minister Launches “F*ggots Are Maggots” Tour in Honor of Donald Trump

Right-wing activist Mike Heath claims he was so inspired by Donald Trump‘s casual way of insulting people that he’s launching a “F*ggots are Maggots” tour in order to promote his Republican values.

Just like Jesus, this guy…

“F*ggots are indeed maggots,” he continued. “Maggots consume the rancid flesh of rotting dead things. F*ggots are no different.”

“The subtitle for my world tour in 2020 is ‘Stump for Trump,’” Heath said. “We all need to stump from Trump or it’s all going to be over.”

“I am beyond sick and tired of being told that I can’t call sodomites faggots,” Heath declared. “For heaven’s sake, why not? When are we going to tell the truth?”

Heath, by the way, runs a group called Helping Hands Ministries, which aims to “help people all over the world know, and love, Jesus Christ.” How he reconciles that goal with Trump-inspired insults is anyone’s guess.

We’ve heard a lot of commentary from Christians over the last few years about whether it’s a contradiction to follow both Jesus and Trump. Some Christians have justified their pro-Trump stance by saying they support what he’s doing, not the man himself. And yet cruelty is so deeply ingrained into what Trump does, it’s getting harder and harder to separate the two.

As they say, the cruelty is the point. And that remains appealing to conservative Christians to the point that they refuse to back away from Trump, Trumpism, and the party that props it up.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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