Praise Jesus! God Destroys Family’s House But Leaves Behind Some Bible Verses February 4, 2020

Praise Jesus! God Destroys Family’s House But Leaves Behind Some Bible Verses

A house burned down in Springfield, Louisiana. That’s it. That’s the story. The family is thankfully okay.

But the Livingston Parish Fire Protection District #2 would like everyone to know that there’s some good news, too! The fire didn’t take down a few Bible verses that had been written onto a few of the wall studs.

The home is obviously a complete loss. What caught our eyes was that the homeowners had written scriptures on wall studs through the house. The fire stopped at the scriptures!!

If the goal is to talk about the goodness or power of God, this is a horrible way to do it.

How many children would have had to die before one of these Christians in the comment thread admits God isn’t looking out for the family’s best interests? That’s a drastic thing to say, but apparently a burnt down house didn’t convince them.

This isn’t a blessing. And anyone who says it is should answer this question: Would you want to swap places with this family right now?

By the way, there were “60-80 scriptures” written on these posts throughout the house. Not all of them made it. That didn’t seem to override the general sentiment that God was sending the family a sign.

Oh. One more thing:

Family members say at least one pet bird died in the fire, and they are missing cats and dogs.

If God exists, He’s not a fan of this family. He didn’t leave a message; He left a warning. It’s silly to pretend the exact opposite is true.

(Thanks to Kealoha for the link)

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