FL Teachers’ Aide Told Kids to “Go Back to Haiti” After They Sat During Rituals February 4, 2020

FL Teachers’ Aide Told Kids to “Go Back to Haiti” After They Sat During Rituals

A middle school teachers’ aide in Florida has been suspended after allegedly telling two girls to “go back to Haiti” after they remained seated during a moment of silence.

It occurred right after the class said the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning. We don’t know why the two girls chose to sit down after that while their classmates remained standing, but it apparently angered the aide for some bizarre reason. (What would have happened if the girls sat during the Pledge?)

As one girl’s mother explained, her daughter isn’t even Haitian. The adult, then, was just being flat-out racist. The other girl has Haitian ancestors, though that’s really besides the point.

Officials at Lexington Middle School in Fort Myers say they are “conducting an investigation,” but the unnamed adult has at least been pulled from the class for the time being.

[Shaundoria] Daniels said her daughter is doing better now that she doesn’t have to deal with the staff member “face-to-face.” She hopes that by coming forward she can share the message that it matters how adults and people with authority speak to children.

“Keep it professional — keep it business related,” she said. “You’re getting paid to come here and help these kids and build these kids up and get them to where they need to be in life.”

Even though the district has a stated policy that kids don’t have to stand up during those morning rituals, maybe all the adults need another training. These types of stories occur far too often. It’s often the kids who understand the law better than their teachers.

But since it’s not obvious, let’s say it again: No one has to stand for the Pledge or a moment of silence. Hell, no one should. They’re silly rituals that accomplish nothing. If you’re angered by the sight of people not ritual-ing the way you want them to, you’re the problem, not them.

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