Christian Moms Complain About Lack of “Respect and Dignity” in Halftime Show February 4, 2020

Christian Moms Complain About Lack of “Respect and Dignity” in Halftime Show

The evangelical Christian hate group One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,731), which never has a critical thing to say about Donald Trump, can’t believe two women danced onstage during halftime of the Super Bowl. Jennifer Lopez basically danced while wearing a “glitter maxi pad,” they claim.

They’re now calling for everyone to sign their petition in order to… well, nothing. There’s nothing to “petition.” It’s just a way to grow their mailing list. But a lack of motivation never stopped them from whining.

How are children supposed to learn about respect and dignity when this is what they see on the world’s biggest stage?

Latin rapper Bad Bunny briefly joined them on stage, but he wasn’t the biggest surprise of the evening. The halftime performance went from pole dancing to a chorus of children singing and dancing alongside Lopez’s 11-year-old daughter, Emme. Children were shown in lit silhouette cages.

There were so many other music artists who could have performed and given a much cleaner and more appropriate performance. Many families watch the Super Bowl together, therefore, the halftime show should be family-friendly. Is it too much to ask for Super Bowl entertainment be suitable for fans of all ages?

These Christians are more upset at J-Lo for featuring kids in imaginary cages than they are at Republicans for putting kids in actual ones.

They’ll whine about a less-than-“family-friendly” halftime show while saying nothing about a crude president who pays hush money to women he has affairs with when he’s not talking about “shithole” countries.

They want “respect and dignity” during a football game, but they’ll never call for it in a GOP-led White House.

That’s conservative Christianity for you: hypocrisy at all levels.

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