Christian Hater Condemns Group for Blocking Military Dogs from Going to Heaven January 31, 2020

Christian Hater Condemns Group for Blocking Military Dogs from Going to Heaven

Eugene Delgaudio, the head of a conservative group with the (deceptively “official”) name “Public Advocate of the United States,” is so full of anti-LGBTQ venom that the Southern Poverty Law Center declared his organization a “hate group.”

The latest example of his vitriol comes at the expense of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a group that aims to keep church and state separate within the U.S. military. In an email sent to supporters, Delgaudio said MRFF was “dedicated to suppressing all forms of biblical Christianity in the armed forces”… even though the group includes plenty of Christians themselves and only goes after abuses of religious indoctrination within the military, not individuals practicing their religions.

Maybe the weirdest part is the allegation that MRFF wants to keep dogs out of Heaven.

They’re on a crusade to suppress all expression of the Christian religion within the U.S. Armed forces.

These heartless anti-God zombies would remove God’s inspiration from defending us all as our patriots are facing death with their weapon in their hands.

And the dogs who are heros in battle and many of whom die and are honored in ceremonies would be denied access to God.

While MRFF stopped a Christian vendor from selling dog tags that illegally used official military logos, at no point has the group waged some war against Christian dogs. I’m not even sure how they could do that if they wanted to.

In all of the “examples” Delgaudio brings up, all of them are instances in which Christianity was given a privileged position from the military itself, like when a VA hospital set up a table in honor of POW/MIA warriors that included a Bible (as if all those soldiers were Christian). None of them show MRFF getting in the way of Christian soldiers who want to read their Bibles or worship as a small group.

Delgaudio is lying. That’s what he does. That’s what conservative Christians always do because telling the truth would put them in a bad light.

There’s no effort, organized or otherwise, to stop religious soldiers from practicing their faith. There never has been. Delgaudio’s entire email reads like the script for God’s Not Dead, full of lies intended to anger Christians rather than descriptions of reality that would get in the way of their Martyr Complex.

Mikey Weinstein, the president of MRFF, didn’t take too kindly to Delgaudio’s message, telling me this in an email:

I think that, of ALL the putrid lies and repugnant fundamentalist Christian supremacy and triumphalism spewing like stinking bile from the malodorous maw of this cowardly hate entity, the most repellent fib is that MRFF is somehow apparently responsible for preventing courageous military working dogs from ever getting to heaven. Indeed, the worst dog I ever met is still better than the best person I ever met.

Can’t argue with that.

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