Baptist Pastor: Kentucky Should Ban “Barbaric and Deadly” Gay Conversion Therapy January 29, 2020

Baptist Pastor: Kentucky Should Ban “Barbaric and Deadly” Gay Conversion Therapy

In an op-ed for the Courier Journal, Kentucky Pastor Jason Crosby is pushing back against gay conversion therapy, calling it “barbaric and deadly” (and rightfully so).

He’s doing this in order to urge Kentucky to pass two bills that would ban conversion therapy in the state. It might seem like a long shot, but Utah managed to do it a week ago. So why not Kentucky as well?

Scientists have long told us that same-sex attraction is not a choice. I am no scientist, but the many people I have met who have endured pain and difficulty inflicted by religious leaders and institutions for embracing their same-sex orientation further supports widely held scientific conclusions.

Because same-sex attraction is not a choice, conversion therapy is dangerous, destructive and deadly

Currently, two separate bills have been proposed in the Kentucky Senate and House of Representative (Senate Bill 85 and House Bill 199) that would ban what some refer to as conversion therapy in Kentucky, but what is more accurately defined as conversion torture. This proposal has bipartisan support in Frankfort. If a red state like Utah sees the harm done by the practice, then a red state like Kentucky should do the same. If former champions of the cause have come to realize the harm that conversion torture creates, then we all should denounce it.

Crosby also points out that former champions of conversion therapy have since denounced the practice. As a Baptist pastor, he would also know that many Christians say that while the Bible condemns homosexual acts, the context is regarding lust or pagan worship, not monogamous partnerships. It certainly doesn’t mention anything about sexual orientation. (For what it’s worth, he’s also on the board of the ACLU chapter in Kentucky)

Hopefully, Crosby’s words will resonate within the people who need to hear them. Coming from a preacher, they’re much harder for Christians to ignore. Not that they won’t try.

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