Mat Staver: Everything Obama Did Was Impeachable, but Trump’s Crimes Don’t Apply January 27, 2020

Mat Staver: Everything Obama Did Was Impeachable, but Trump’s Crimes Don’t Apply

Here’s some interesting proof of hypocrisy, courtesy of Kyle Mantyla at Right Wing Watch, and it concerns Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver, a guy who thinks the “Q” in LGBTQ represents pedophilia.

Years ago, when Barack Obama was president, Staver had no problem coming up with a list of why Obama should have been impeached: Enacting the Affordable Care Act, promoting liberal politics, running the country while some state attorneys general refused to defend legislation banning marriage equality, etc.

Everything was on the table, Staver said, because Congress got to decide what’s worthy of impeachment.

But now that Donald Trump is in office, Staver will do anything he can to defend his crimes and insist that nothing Trump does is impeachable. How does he do that? By saying impeachment only applies in the narrowest of circumstances.

“The partisan impeachment started by the House Democrats is dangerous and undermines the Constitution,” Staver said. “The Constitution provides for a very limited area of impeachment and it involves if a president commits treason — it didn’t happen in this case — bribery — that’s not happening here where the president is getting a bribe, it’s not even alleged — or it says ‘and high crimes and misdemeanors.’”

“What is high crimes and misdemeanors?” Staver asked. “It’s violation of criminal law. There is no allegation. So when we look at the precedents, this is outrageous … There is no crime, there’s really no violation at all, certainly not a high crime or a misdemeanor alleged in any of the two articles that the House sent over to the United States Senate.”

So Trump withholding aid to a foreign country unless they spread lies about one of his political opponents is totally fine… but Obama wanting poor people to access health care is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

I don’t expect logical consistency from someone who claimed Kim Davis did nothing wrong, but apparently even Staver can’t stand to listen to himself.

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