Pastor Paula White Claims, Without Proof, That Prayer Reduced Crime After 9/11 January 24, 2020

Pastor Paula White Claims, Without Proof, That Prayer Reduced Crime After 9/11

White House staffer and presidential adviser Paula White, last seen suggesting she couldn’t abandon Donald Trump because it would damage her reputation, just dealt another blow to her own reputation.

The scamvangelist told her City of Destiny church in Florida earlier this month that prayer helped reduce crime following the 9/11 attacks because… who knows. She said there was proof of this but didn’t bother offering a single iota of it.

White then transitioned to praying “against whatever wickedness is being plotted and planned against this nation” as she declared that “there will not be another 9/11.”

“There will not be any loss of life,” she proclaimed. “There will not be a nuclear attack. There will not be a terrorist attack.”

“Do you know that they said when we prayed during 9/11, that crime went down more than anything because it took tragedy for the righteous to pray?” White said. “It is statistically proven because of the power of prayer that crime across this nation and across the world drastically went down.”

“Statistically proven”! It’s bad enough that right-wing Christians have tried to destroy science, censor English, and rewrite history. Now they’re going after math.

If it’s proven, then White should show us the proof. But she won’t, because her entire brand is lying to Christians who are too gullible to ever ask for documentation.

There’s no proof prayer reduced crime after 9/11. Not in the U.S. Not worldwide. Not because of Christians. In fact, there’s no proof prayer has ever done a damn thing we couldn’t have predicted in advance. The only thing prayer does is calm you down if you believe it works — no different from meditation or a placebo. It doesn’t have any special power beyond that.

There are evidence-based ways to reduce crime, but Republicans like White don’t care about that. They’re too busy exaggerating fictional problems while exacerbating the spread of guns and propaganda to do anything useful.

White is lying. It’s what she does. It’s why Trump loves her. The question should be why so many Christians fall for her act.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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