Listen to Christian Scamvangelist Benny Hinn Brag About a Magical Healing School January 16, 2020

Listen to Christian Scamvangelist Benny Hinn Brag About a Magical Healing School

Faith healer and Christian scamvangelist Benny Hinn, last seen pretending to reject the Prosperity Gospel, was back at it again on Tuesday night. (By “it,” I mean lying.)

He was speaking about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a guy he works with, and how “Pastor Chris” runs these “healing schools” where people with illnesses can get “bombarded with the Word” for weeks at a time… and then they get healed!

Good luck finding any proof of this.

He has these amazing healing schools where everyone gets healed! I’m gonna show it to you in just a little bit. People who have been given up by doctors — no hope — they go to a healing school and they sit there for a month. Required, by the way! You have to go for the whole month and sit there, and you are bombarded with the Word.

… Well, the thing is, it’s what really happens. People sit there for a whole month, receiving the Word of God. Think about the impact of the Word!

And then he comes in on a certain day, and the power of God is so strong, they say it’s like electric in there, and everyone gets healed!

… You that are sick, you who are in need of a miracle, I’m telling you: Go to South Africa and watch what God will do. It’s amazing… I don’t know anyone that has healing schools where they sit for a whole month and get healed. And they all get healed. That’s the difference.

Hinn then showed a video of Pastor Chris touching people on the forehead and “healing” them. No medical records are shown. No names were offered for fact-checking. No doctors are confirming the “miracles.” It’s just the same-old Benny bullshit as always.

The lies kept getting bigger, too.

Hinn later claimed that Pastor Chris recently held a “gathering” on social media that was attended by 500 million people. The next day, he drew another 400 million. Another online meeting drew 5 million pastors alone… and a follow-up drew another 3 million pastors.

Astonishing! And a total lie. (Half a billion people aren’t about to do something that none of the rest of us ever hear about.)

Hinn also said there was a church in Lagos, Nigeria that has one million seats.

That’s quite a shock considering the largest stadium in the world, in North Korea, only seats 150,000 people. The largest in the U.S., Michigan Stadium (a.k.a. The Big House), seats 113,000.

But there’s magically a Nigerian church that holds several multiples more at a time? Amazing! Not that Hinn showed any pictures of it. Why bother? He was already moving on to the next lie.

Remember: There are Christians who believe all this. They give this guy money to keep feeding them a steady diet of lies. He’s built his entire career on it. And his victims are the ones who ultimately suffer.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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