Dave Daubenmire: Meghan Markle “Poisoned” the Royal Family By Being “Half Black” January 15, 2020

Dave Daubenmire: Meghan Markle “Poisoned” the Royal Family By Being “Half Black”

Dave Daubenmire, a Christian commentator last seen explaining his opposition to interracial marriage, was right back on the racism train this week when he went after Meghan Markle.

He blamed Markle, who is now stepping away from the royal family along with Prince Harry, for having “infiltrated”and “poisoned” the family’s bloodline.

He didn’t even try to hide his bigotry. He even realized his comments were racist… before continuing with the racist statements.

“How is the royal bloodline of the crown being poisoned?” Daubenmire asked. “Is there something special about this commoner who has married into the royalty?”

“She’s half black,” Daubenmire answered. “When [Harry and Meghan] step back, what is going to be at the heart of why she did it? What are they going to say? Come on. Wake up here. What are they going to say? … Racism! She never felt comfortable. She felt like she was below everybody else.”

“The royal family is the seat of Christianity,” he continued. “We cannot deny the impact the royal family has had on the WASP-y culture; the White Anglo Saxon Protestant culture is a result of what has happened within the crown. And the crown has now, for the first time, been infiltrated with a bloodline … oh my goodness, that sounds racist, doesn’t it?

“Don’s miss what’s going on,” Daubenmire said. “This infiltrator comes in, proud of her infiltration, proud of her multiculturalism. And what is that demon doing? Destroying and upsetting everything, every tradition in that royal family.”

He’s mad because a young woman is proud of her heritage. He’s mad because a couple chose to walk away from a tradition they didn’t earn and don’t necessarily want to keep benefitting from. He’s mad because enough Christians are taking his bullshit seriously and there’s no shame in saying the worst things that come to his mind.

This isn’t just one crazy Christian. This is just part and parcel of how many conservative Christians think, even if they don’t use the same language. Bigotry is baked right into the faith. These are the same people who opposed integration decades ago and who still defend a racist president today.

No one should be surprised.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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