Jim Bakker: “I Know I’m Not Wrong” That God Will Soon Destroy a Bunch of Cities January 14, 2020

Jim Bakker: “I Know I’m Not Wrong” That God Will Soon Destroy a Bunch of Cities

The warning sounds a lot less dire when it’s the same one he’s been making on his TV show for decades, but scamvangelist Jim Bakker still wants you to know that God’s judgment is coming for several cities around the world.

Can you figure out which ones? (Spoiler: Of course you can.)

The episode was filmed on New Year’s Eve, hence the tuxes.

“Pray for your city, pray for your town, pray where you live,” Bakker warned. “Some cities and states that I am going to mention could still be saved if they repent, if they have revival. God would hear from Heaven if cities would turn from their wicked ways, but there are cities that have cursed God. I don’t understand it all.”

Bakker then listed New York City and Long Island in New York, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Ana in California, New Orleans, Louisiana, Washington, D.C., Bangkok, Thailand, Tel Aviv, Israel, and unnamed “North New Jersey Towns” as places that should prepare themselves to suffer the wrath of God.

“I know I’m not wrong,” Bakker said.

Bakker didn’t offer any specific reasons for the hypothetical judgment. But considering they happen to be places that typically vote against Republicans or oppose GOP policies in general, it’s not hard to see his “logic.”

The irony is that some of the cities that frequently get hit with natural disasters are the most religious places in the country. Somehow that’s never God’s judgment.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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