Trump’s Faith Adviser Invokes “Superior Blood of Jesus” to Defend Trump’s Lies January 11, 2020

Trump’s Faith Adviser Invokes “Superior Blood of Jesus” to Defend Trump’s Lies

In a video for the Voice Prayer movement, Donald Trump‘s televangelist “spiritual adviser” and head of his Faith and Opportunity Initiative Paula White requested that we “rebuke Iran” using “the superior blood of Christ“:

They have declared that they have put an $80 million bounty on the head of our president. We break that right now by the superior blood of Jesus Christ!” she said, raising and clenching her fists for emphasis.

As fact checkers have pointed out, the alleged bounty was announced by a eulogist at the funeral of Iranian general Qassem Soleiman, and is not known to be an official edict from the Iranian regime.

Somehow, White is using a lie to create a proxy religious war out of Trump’s actual war which is based on other lies. Sounds about right for this administration.

It’s not the first time White has evoked the “superior blood” line either. But it is the first time her religious fantasy could lead to the shedding of the blood of U.S. troops.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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