AZ GOP Lawmaker Wants to Remove Mentions of “Homosexuality” from Public Schools January 11, 2020

AZ GOP Lawmaker Wants to Remove Mentions of “Homosexuality” from Public Schools

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen has a long history of proposing awful legislation. Most recently, in 2015, the Creationist wanted to pass a law making church attendance mandatory for all citizens.
Her latest attempt to legislate her beliefs is SB 1082, which would ban the word “homosexuality” from all public school teaching materials in addition to blocking any sort of sex education for students 12 or younger.

She seems to think not talking about homosexuality will just make gay people go away. (Spoiler: That’s not how it works.)

LGBTQ Nation has more:

Progressive lobbyist Geoff Esposito says that Allen’s legislation is merely a conservative response to the state’s April 2019 repeal of its infamous “no promo homo” law which prohibited instruction in HIV/AIDS curriculum that “promotes a homosexual lifestyle” or “suggests that some methods of sex are safe methods of homosexual sex.”

Allen’s bill would require all of Arizona’s school districts and charter schools to revise their existing sex education courses in public meetings and then publicly post the revised coursework for a 60-day public comment period before final approval.

This should go without saying, but teaching kids that gay people exist isn’t “promoting” anything, any more than teaching about the Holocaust “promotes” genocide. Making students aware of the existence of LGBTQ people is education, not indoctrination.

Just because Allen can’t handle that doesn’t mean everyone else needs to remain that ignorant.

The bill is scheduled for discussion in the Senate Education Committee on January 14.

Allen, somehow, is the chair of that committee.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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