Conspiracy Theorist: If Trump Isn’t Re-elected, Christians Will Go To Jail January 10, 2020

Conspiracy Theorist: If Trump Isn’t Re-elected, Christians Will Go To Jail

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Robert Maginnis recently appeared on the Christian radio show “Up Front in the Prophetic” to warn people that Christians will be killed en masse if Donald Trump is not re-elected.

Somehow, Christians managed to survive eight years of Barack Obama, but the next Democrat will apparently finish them all off.

… “If you’ve got the keys to the jail, you control it, and then you determine who is going to go in it and who is going to stay out of it. And I tell you, Christians are the ones who are going to go in it first.”

“We are the salt and light in this culture, and we are the targets,” he added. “The progressives hate us to the point that they would do exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews on Kristallnacht in November of 1938. They would go after them, and they would incarcerate them, and they would kill them if possible. We’re at a turning point, and it’s a very critical turning point. People need to understand history; history has a terrible way of repeating itself.”

What will we round them up with? The guns we don’t want? Using police we frequently criticize? In jails we want to reform?

The way these people talk, you’d think they almost wish it would happen. That’s how their Persecution Complex works. What they forget is that they have no clue what it’s like to live as an actual minority group in an oppressive regime.

If their collective skin is this thin while they’re still top dogs in society, they would never survive their nightmare fantasy scenario.

(via Right Wing Watch. Image via Shutterstock)

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