Buttigieg: I’ve Been a Christian Much Longer than Trump’s “Been a Republican” January 7, 2020

Buttigieg: I’ve Been a Christian Much Longer than Trump’s “Been a Republican”

Donald Trump, of all people, has no business referring to other people as “fake” Christians, especially when many believers would argue he’s about as far from Jesus as you can get. But that didn’t stop him from leveling that accusation against presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg.

During a MAGA rally last week, he mocked the Democrat for speaking about his faith on the campaign trail, saying Buttigieg had just found religion “two weeks ago.” (That’s a lie. Buttigieg has talked about his Christian faith, especially as it contrasts with the faith of Mike Pence, since entering the race.)

It’s also ironic to hear a thrice-married, hush money-paying, war-mongering, family-separating white supremacist brag about being a better Christian than the monogamous mayor.

At the time, Buttigieg responded with this simple tweet:

(That’s theoretically true even by religious standards, though only one party uses the name of God to justify their policy-making.)

The mayor added more later:

“I’m not sure why the president’s taken an interest in my faith journey, but certainly I would be happy to discuss it with him,” Buttigieg said. “I just don’t know where that’s coming from, you know.”

He continued: “Certainly, it has been a complex journey for me, as it is for a lot of people, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been a believer longer than he’s been a Republican.”

That’s a mic drop for you. It’s also demonstrably true.

While atheists might not enjoy this most superficial of theological debates, it’s not hard to see Trump’s obvious hypocrisy when it comes to religion. Surrounding yourself with the most conservative brand of evangelicals so that they won’t challenge your cruelty is hardly a way to show how Jesus-like you are.

Donald “Two Corinthians” Trump, who is on record saying he doesn’t have anything to repent for, isn’t about to win an “I”m a bigger Christian than you” fight against anyone.

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