Ex-NFL Star Banned From Christian School Amid Feud Over “Religious Differences” January 6, 2020

Ex-NFL Star Banned From Christian School Amid Feud Over “Religious Differences”

A former Green Bay Packers player and two of his religious “followers” have been banned from a Christian school in Wisconsin following a dispute over what he viewed as a sinful Christmas pageant that his children attended against his wishes.

Ex-defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila went to an Assembly of God Church with two followers of the Straitway Truth Ministry, a “Hebrew Israelite” group. The Hebrew Israelite group, also called a “black Hebrew” group despite some members being white, is an offshoot of the religious hate group that said God would kill women who “talk back” to men and (on a personal note) cursed my mom with breast cancer when I wrote about it.

Last month, Gbaja-Biamila sent two of his followers to the church, purportedly to videotape his sons participating in the play put on by Providence Academy, which is led by Ron Jung. They refused to leave when confronted by police and were arrested, but Gbaja-Biamila left and evaded arrest.

Now, the NFL veteran has been banned and says he is owed about $8 million for his troubles of being involved in the lawsuit, which is being presided over by Brown County Court Commissioner Phoebe Mix.

Mix had to rein in arguments that strayed far afield from the original purpose of the hearing: To determine whether Gbaja-Biamila and his religious followers should be legally enjoined against bothering Jung or setting foot on the property of the Christian school that Jung presides over. The case stems from an incident Dec. 17 at the Assembly of God Church, where Gbaja-Biamila sent two armed men, Jordan Salmi and Ryan Desmith, to attend a Christmas pageant being performed by students of Providence Academy.

Desmith, 22, and Salmi, 24, are accused of trespassing for failing to leave when told to by Jung and police, and both are also accused of carrying concealed pistols into the event, along with 34 rounds of ammunition.

Mix ordered that Gbaja-Biamila, Salma and Desmith not come within 100 feet of Jung, the school and school events for four years.

During the pageant incident, Desmith and Salmi did not display the weapons nor create a disturbance. Gbaja-Biamila, who showed up as they were being arrested, left the premises when police told him to and was not charged. He later said Desmith and Salmi attended the event at his request to photograph Gbaja-Biamila’s children participating in the pageant, because Gbaja-Biamila, who shares custody of the children with his ex-wife, objected to their participation on religious grounds.

Whether his religious beliefs will factor into the judge’s decision has yet to be seen. But when one parent’s religion supposedly prevents his kids from taking part in an otherwise innocuous school activity, it’s clear there’s far more to this story than just a difference in faith.

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