Christian Right Activist: Donald Trump “Is a Man Who Believes the Bible” January 5, 2020

Christian Right Activist: Donald Trump “Is a Man Who Believes the Bible”

Right-wing activist Laurie Cardoza-Moore said on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” show this week that Donald Trump is Christianing unlike all the Christians in Christendom.

Technically, she isn’t wrong about that… Except she means it as a compliment.

“This is a man who believes the Bible,” Cardoza-Moore continued. “Has he said things in the past that are not reflective of biblical principals? Yes. But you know what? King David was not a perfect king either.”

“President Trump, if you look at what he’s done, he believes the word of God and he’s living according to that,” she added. “President Trump was willing to live his faith unlike any other leader I have ever seen in history.”

No one believes the word of God more than a man who couldn’t decide whether he preferred the Old or New Testament.

It’s true King David wasn’t perfect, but he eventually repented of his bad choices. Trump is on record saying he doesn’t need repentance. And he continues to make one bad choice after another.

Cardoza-Moore also said Trump was the “most pro-Israel president we have ever seen,” but that’s only the case if you’re an evangelical who wants to hasten the Second Coming. He is hardly a good thing for Jewish people, who are being used by the Right as nothing more than political pawns. The pundits who say Trump is “pro-Israel” rarely think to ask actual Jews how they feel about him.

If Trump has any faith, it’s only because he worships himself.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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