Televangelist: Oral Roberts Interpreted His Own Gibberish to Design His School January 4, 2020

Televangelist: Oral Roberts Interpreted His Own Gibberish to Design His School

You would think Christian schools would have to hire architects and designers when plotting out how a campus should be built… but not Oral Roberts! According to televangelist Kenneth Copeland, the famed charismatic preacher built his namesake university in Oklahoma by talking to God… and that’s it. That’s where the blueprints came from.

… Do you remember what the Bible said? God gave David the plans for the temple?

God gave Oral Roberts the plans for the campus of Oral Roberts University. And he got it by praying in tongues, and then interpreting back to himself, and the Spirit of God through that avenue gave him the design of all those buildings. That’s the way he got it. Amen. Praise God.

So if I have this right, Oral Roberts spoke to himself (in tongues) and interpreted his own words to come up with a God-given design for his school.

Copeland might have gotten away with this if he just attributed the idea of the school to God, but he had to go further. It’s not just the idea. It’s the entire layout.

No word yet on how he gave those plans to any builder. But if you’re wondering the same thing, then you’re doing more thinking than Copeland wants you to do. Just accept his statement, give him some cash, and move on.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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