Delaware GOP Leaders Under Fire After Homophobic, Anti-Semitic Comments January 4, 2020

Delaware GOP Leaders Under Fire After Homophobic, Anti-Semitic Comments

Last week, after a shooter walked into a Texas church and “only” killed two people before getting shot by a churchgoer, Chris Rowe, the New Castle County (Delaware) Republican Party Chairman, attempted to upload video of the incident to Facebook.

The filters automatically prevented him from doing that. Obviously. Because it’s a shooting.

Rowe responded by writing “f*ggots cannot handle reality. Bad guy loses FB pisses themselves.” (The asterisk is mine.)

Separately, a couple of weeks ago, Nelly Jordan, the Vice Chair of the Sussex County (Delaware) Republican Committee, wrote on Facebook that some Jews weren’t really Jews at all because they were puppets of the Democratic Party.

“Only God knows whether this kind of Jews [sic] are really believers in God or do they believe in the same God that many Democrats believe in ‘the father of all lies.’”

I can’t translate Republican gibberish, but the anti-Semitism is obvious.

Blue Delaware has screenshots of all of it.

Now, Rowe is resigning and there’s pressure on Jordan to do the same.

“[Rowe’s] comment was offensive and did not reflect the values of respect and tolerance held dear by the Delaware Republican Party,” Jane Brady, chair of the Delaware Republican Party, said in the statement. “Ultimately, as a result, he lost the support of those he was to lead.”

“The remarks made by Nelly Jordan, who was elected to her post by the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee, were offensive, hurtful and anti-Semitic,” Brady said in the statement.

It’s hard to take these remarks seriously when the GOP has shown many times over that tolerance is the antithesis of what they want to be known for. (That’s what “snowflakes” do, right?) Also keep in mind that Donald Trump‘s anti-Semitism and bigotry has gone unchallenged by the same people. There’s just no reason to think Rowe and Jordan don’t represent the entire party.

Neither Rowe nor Jordan has publicly apologized. If and when that happens, though, you can probably expect a pathetic “I’m sorry my words offended you” instead of a more responsible “I’m sorry I said the thing I never should have said.”

Or maybe they’ll blame Hillary Clinton. Whatever it is, some mild words of rebuke from the party chair won’t stop the bigotry that has infested the entire GOP for years.

Rowe has already issued a statement defending his own language, saying, “I have been using that word since before it ever meant what people are offended by today.” He insisted he’s “not a Homophobe nor have an ounce of bigotry in my blood.” I assume he said that before praising Trump for banning openly trans people from the military, allowing Christian business owners to discriminate against LGBTQ customers, and mocking the disabled.

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