Christian Radio Host: Michelle Obama is “a Dude Who Looks Like Chewbacca” January 4, 2020

Christian Radio Host: Michelle Obama is “a Dude Who Looks Like Chewbacca”

Conservative Christian radio host Sheila Zilinsky, who once said the NFL was brainwashing viewers with gamma rays and recently prayed to defend Donald Trump from what I can only transcribe as “hoodoo, hooloo, joodoo,” had some biblical words of wisdom for the Obama family.

I’m just kidding. She’s a conservative Christian. She just went flat-out homophobic and racist.

So let me get this straight. Obama is a gay man, married to a dude who looks like Chewbacca, & Chewy gets selected as “woman of the year”. Trumps’ wife fluently speaks 7 languages, is a class act of poise & beauty & is an actual WOMAN. Yet she gets treated like the Clampetts.

I don’t need to defend the Obamas to point out how despicable this statement is. And the woman whose most memorable statement in the White House has been wearing a jacket with the words “I really don’t care, do u?” doesn’t really merit much attention other than constantly pointing out how she’s complicit in everything Donald Trump does.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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