Effingham (IL) Must Remove a Cross Painted on a School’s Overpass Mural January 3, 2020

Effingham (IL) Must Remove a Cross Painted on a School’s Overpass Mural

There’s an overpass near Effingham High School in central Illinois, and a football moms group at the local high school recently commissioned an artist to paint it. The location can really only be seen by students walking from the school to the football stadium.

The problem is that the finished product includes a giant Christian cross.

When a local citizen informed the Freedom From Religion Foundation about it, they sent a letter telling the mayor why this was a legal violation. It’s not rocket science.

A mural that depicts nothing except a Latin cross alongside the American flag sends a clear message: that patriotism and religiosity are interrelated… To avoid constitutional concerns and divisiveness among the Effingham community, we request that the portion of the mural depicting Christian iconography be removed.

It’s a simple request, and one the football moms group should’ve thought about before rushing into this. It’s their mistake. But at least the mayor urged them to do the right thing… after his office apologized for having to do it, that is.

We spoke by phone Tuesday morning with [artist] Jamie Stang-Ellis. She said she was contacted by City Administrator Steve Miller, who indicated the cross needed to be removed. She said Miller was apologetic, but said the action needs to be taken.

The letter from the Mayor was part of an email in which he states that the City was approached seeking approval for the mural. Approval was granted once the City consulted Unit 40. [Mayor Mike] Schutzbach wrote, “it was not known to the city or school that a cross would be part of the artwork. After the work was completed, a complaint was filed.”

So the city’s complicit in this, too. All the more reason for the cross to be wiped away.

But more than 13,000 people have already signed a petition calling for Christian Supremacy to remain in place. The petition, started by local college student Jarrett Jones, shows a remarkable ignorance in how the law works and says that people who respect the Constitution “hate our city.”

Unfortunately there are those few who hate our city and would like to see the cross taken down from the city owned tunnel. Next they will try to take the giant cross that stands over our great city. We can’t let that happen that is why we need to start a petition showing support for our heritage, way of life, and our city.

Take that, Jews. You’re not welcome in Effingham. It’s their city and their heritage.

That cross he’s referring to, by the way, is the “Cross At The Crossroads,” and it’s on private property. That’s why atheists aren’t trying to take it down. Jones is lying about that.

The cross is still on the mural. But if the city doesn’t take action soon, a lawsuit could be filed. It’s their choice.

(Thanks to Jasper for the link)

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