Christian Minister: A Boy at My Youth Camp Literally Flew Through the Air January 1, 2020

Christian Minister: A Boy at My Youth Camp Literally Flew Through the Air

If you’ve never seen it, one of the most cringe-inducing Christian shows out there is It’s Supernatural, hosted by Sid Roth. The show is so damn weird that it has featured a man saying Jesus taught him to play the saxophone while he was dead and another man saying God literally grew his missing hand back.

On a recent show, a guest named Andre Ashby explained how he saw a kid flying around the room at a revival gathering. It occurred during a youth camp that was (naturally) attended by an unnamed atheist.

The flight wasn’t captured on camera — it never is — but no worries! The show did a re-enactment beginning around the 3:30 mark. (It’s 3:40 in the original video.)

… one young man [the atheist] came and he said, “Okay, God. If you’re real, have somebody fly tonight!”

And so, at the meeting, a young man who actually had a halo on because he just had surgery on his brain, literally picked up… flew out down the halls. The doors swung open. He flew over the parking lot and landed in the snow.

So, needless to say, that atheist is no longer an atheist.

Roth added that human flight will become “common” in the future. Because Jesus.

It’s amazing how that obvious miracle happened only when no one was around to see it. And how the atheist in question is completely anonymous. And how there’s no documentation whatsoever of anyone confirming any of this.

But that’s how these “miracles” work. It’s all a big game of telephone that begins with a lie and transforms into a myth.

(via Pulpit & Pen)

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