Miami Pastor Will Host Donald Trump, Putting Undocumented Church Members at Risk December 31, 2019

Miami Pastor Will Host Donald Trump, Putting Undocumented Church Members at Risk

Miami Pastor Guillermo Maldonaldo will be hosting Donald Trump at his King Jesus International Ministry church next week, raising a number of concerns for some of the undocumented members of his congregation. While it’s campaign event, and not a church-sponsored event, Maldonaldo has had to reassure his congregation that Trump will not be deporting them.

The warning itself makes you wonder why Maldonaldo would even bother to let his church get used by a racist campaign.

“You don’t have to be a citizen. And I will give you an affirmation as your spiritual father and your pastor. First, someone said, ‘But how can you bring Trump to church if there’s people who don’t have papers?’” Pastor Guillermo Maldonado told his audience of hundreds, referencing Trump’s hard-line anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.

“I ask you: Do you think I would do something where I would endanger my people? I’m not that dumb.”

“I’m not that dumb,” said the pastor who invited a wolf to play in the hen house.

81% of white evangelicals voted for a completely unqualified, ignorant, pussy-grabbing buffoon to lead the country under the belief that he would be good for the country, so yes, there are absolutely people dumb enough to still support him despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

His reassurances weren’t that convincing, either, given that he appealed to Trump’s better nature. (Talk about having faith in something you can’t see…)

“I don’t think the president would do such a thing,” Maldonado said. “Don’t put your race or your nationality over being a Christian. Be mature … If you want to come, do it for your pastor. That’s a way of supporting me.”

“I don’t think the face-eating leopard would eat my face,” said the pastor with bandages around his head.

Even his “Be mature” comment is misguided since attendees could be putting their families at risk. Maturity involves understanding what you’re up against, not doing what someone tells you because you’re both ignorant of the obvious. The Trump administration hasn’t had a problem tearing families apart, including those of U.S. veterans. That’s what happens when Christians help elect the most heartless, selfish person in the country as their leader.

A pastor who puts his own members in danger like this doesn’t deserve attendance, much less allegiance. There are other churches out there that aren’t desperate for Trump’s admiration and that actually look out for the “least of these.” The members would be better off going to any of them.

Maldonado doesn’t deserve their support — or their tithes.

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